Knowledge Base

ETHERPOS's greatest strength lies in its philosophy and principles, which can be propagated even without billion dollar marketing because its value is self-evident, and brilliant minds are drawn towards it.

There is no way to compete traditionally with billion dollar budget VC backed blockchains in the short term. The projects are sure to attract immediate attention, but this reliance on centralized funding and direction comes at the expense of long-term sustainability.

As the good news of ETHERPOS spreads, and people understand more and more the true value of blockchain, ETHERPOS will continue to deliver the Original Vision of "Build Unstoppable Applications" and will become quietly, steadily but surely more useful and valuable, without a central budget seen.

This section contains a selection of contributions from community members who are the source of ETHERPOS's power, providing intelligence and philosophical arsenal that can be used in the battle to win hearts and minds.

ETHERPOS presents a unique investment opportunity as it is one of the few truly neutral token projects. The protocol treats all participants equally. This means that if you buy ETHERPOS, you are contributing directly to network security, and no central organization benefits disproportionately from this contribution.

How ETHERPOS will become a successful computing platform and make an impact in the world of extraordinary stores of value.

Compared to other tokens whose development is guided by corrupt centralized institutions, ETHERPOS is a set of principles designed to shepherd decision-making in a way that maximizes ETHERPOS's longevity. As an idea, he is invulnerable to many forms of attack, strong, and stands the test of time.